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Caregiver Spotlight- Dana and Jackie

Dana has been with Home Sweet Home since July of 2014. She is one our most dedicated caregivers and has been spending her time with one of our clients. She enjoys doing what she can to help improve his life since he is unable to see.

Last October as she was getting ready for her shift with her client and he asked her to bring along her Jack Russell, Jackie,in costume. It was trick or treat night and she was going assist him in handing out candy to the kids. Dana was unsure what costume would suit Jackie so that her client would be able to tell.

She managed to find an adorable bee costume for him to wear. He was overjoyed when they showed up because he was able to feel the costume such as the wings and antennas. They spent the rest of the night handing out candy to the kids that came by, and of course Jackie enjoyed it too!

Special thanks to Dana and Jackie, we are thankful for everything you do here at Home Sweet Home and we enjoyed hearing your story!

(Picture of Jackie will Bee coming soon!)


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