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Halloween Crafts for Seniors!

It's that time of the year again for Halloween! Here's some fun and creative ideas for Seniors who just want to stay home with the family. Who says Halloween has to be just for the kids?

Everyone enjoys creating and decorating their house with their own unique style. The first craft adds the right amount of the "fall feeling" to the room. Yarn pumpkins are a fun craft for all ages and are not costly! All you need is the yard color of your choice, some pipe cleaners, glue, and a balloon, which can all be found at your local craft store. For an added bonus leave a hole at the bottom and fill it with a sachet.

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Mummy's can be frighting but not these cute mummy mason jars! They'll be sure to add some light to the Halloween night. For this project all you need is a mason jar, gauze bandage tape, and googly eyes. The candle inside is optional, you can also use it as a vase or candy jars!

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Looking for more rustic style decor? Just look at these tin can pumpkins! They are extremely simple and in time for Halloween. Simply gather some old soup cans (or buy some), orange paint, a paintbrush, screwdriver, twigs, and ribbon.These pumpkins are sure to be a conversation starter!

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Here's a craft for Seniors who want more of a challenge. A pumpkin diorama will surely draw attention from family and friends. They can be customized to your own style and can be used all season if you decide to do a fall diorama!

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Happy Halloween from Home Sweet Home In-Home Services! Spend time with your family and friends while doing one of the crafts above!

Home Sweet Home In-Home services does not own any of the craft ideas listed and full credit to the owners. All projects were found on Pinterest Find more ideas like these at

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