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Technology For Seniors

As a senior, have you ever questioned how today's technology could help you improve your life? Have you ever felt disconnected from your children or grand-kids when they want to show you something on their tablet? Every day is another step forward in the advancement of different types of technology, and yes, there are several out there for seniors to enjoy that you may not realize! Technology is intended to make life easier and simpler while many feel that it is destroying our traditions. The article covers some devices for seniors that make their life easier.

1. Hearing Aids- Hearing aids have been around for a while and you may have seen some of the videos circling the internet of people's reactions when they hear sounds for the first time. Growing older could mean losing some of our senses making it harder to hear, see, or even effect our taste. Hearing aids make it easier for someone with little to no hearing, hear things clearer.

2. Tablets and phones- Tablets and phones are seen as a distraction however, that doesn't have to be the case. People don't realize that tablets and phones are capable of providing games and learning experiences for all ages. There are hundreds of apps that can be downloaded of your favorite games, videos, and can help improve mental and physical health. You can also view photos, read emails, and listen to music all at your finger tips. Yes, it can be hard at first to operate one, I'm 21 and still learning about technology! But after a while you'll get the hang of it and discover the independence you can gain from owning one!

3. Care and Management apps-This next piece of technology can be uncovered by digging a little deeper into specific apps for seniors. The ones gaining the most popularity among seniors are "care apps" they enable anyone in the family to track your progress and ensure that someone will be there to care for you. Everything from your basic information to when you need care are easily accessible. Other apps like carezone can send a remind to your device when you need to take your pill. For more apps go to Google Play or the Apple Store.

4. Safety- Safety technologies are important for anyone who is home alone or who may be a risk. Devices such as security cameras, Personal Emergency Response System's, GPS, etc. They can help provide you care with the touch of a button in dangerous situations, the GPS can also be used to track someone with Alzheimer's if they are prone to wandering.

There are several other technological devices out there today for those of all ages! While they may seen nice, we don't encourage you to go out and buy everyone! Talk to your family and friends to see which ones may benefit you, it's also important to talk to your doctor to see if it's right for you!

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