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Thanksgiving crafts for all ages!

Make the holiday's even more special by adding your own unique touch to the decor! Take a look at these 5 crafts found on Pinterest!

The biggest part of Thanksgiving is being thankful, why not express it with a low-cost stick wreath? This project can cost you under 10 dollars. Click the link below for instructions on how to make it!

A leaf garland will add some color to any space! This next project is so simple all you need to do is print out the leaf pattern or make your own!

This idea is more of an activity but it's a great idea and may become a new tradition. Thanksgiving is a holiday dedicated to our history but also what we are thankful for. A "I am thankful for" jar gives everyone a chance to express what they are thankful for! All you need is a jar, a marker, and some paper to write on. Once everyone fills one out you can read them aloud during your Thanksgiving meal!

No one likes to see bathroom products sitting out when they come over, but why hide them when you can turn them into a cute piece of decoration? This following craft requires a toilet paper roll and fall theme fabric.

Lastly, for those who want something a little more advanced, you can give a shot a these Pumpkin candle holders made for old wine glasses.

Home Sweet Home In-Home Services does not own any rights the pictures and crafts mentions in this posting. We give full credit to the original owners and Pinterest.

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