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Spring is right around the corner!

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Are the winter blues getting you down? Don't worry! As the weather starts getting warmer it's important to get out and enjoy the sun. The cold weather makes it hard and sometimes dangerous for us to do our favorite activities, leaving us stuck inside all day. Below is a list of activities you can do as the weather warms up.

Go for a walk or hike.

A great activity to pass the time is to go for a walk or take a hike somewhere you've never been before. The best part of spring is watching how nature changes and you can see a lot just by stepping out your door!

Play a favorite sport.

After being stuck inside for the last few months you may be aching to get back outside and play your favorite sport. Whether it's soccer, football, croquet, golfing, or gardening; there are several different activities to try! Don't be afraid to try something new as well.

Meet up with friends.

Contact some of your friends that you haven't seen for while, invite them to a local coffee shop for drinks or go out for lunch. Socializing can have positive effects on your mental health and it can help decrease any "winter depression" from being stuck inside.

Day trip.

Sometimes just getting out of the house isn't enough, try taking a day trip to the beach or a park. Take the time to relax and enjoy the warmer weather.

Spring cleaning.

While cleaning does sound like fun, it can be important for our health. Maybe you've been stressed out about cleaning a room in your house or falling behind on tasks around the house. Opening the windows will allow fresh air and sunlight in to help concentration. It can also help increase your motivation to complete your tasks and increase our vitamin-D intake.

Even though spring is near, it's important to remember that the weather is still changing. Some days will be much colder than others so plan according!

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