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New Year, New You

It's that time of the year again where people create their new year resolutions. Whether it's to go to the gym more often or eat better, just remember you can do it! The first few weeks will be tough but it's a new year which means new you. You can do anything you set your mind to.

Here's a few steps to help you reach your goal

1. Take notes

Taking notes can keep you focused on your goal and remind you to keep going. They can also be a useful way to show the improvements you've made since day 1. Your notes don't need to be essay length just write want you want, think small.

2. Plan out your day in incorporate your resolution

Planning out your day ahead of time can help you maintain the routine. Get into the habit of doing your resolution at certain times in the day. For example if you want to drink more water as your resolution push yourself to drink 8 oz an hour.

3. Get your friends and family involved

Often times we struggle to complete our resolution because of the lack of personal motivation. Try getting your friends or family to join you that way you can motivate each other. Turn it into a friendly competition that way you have incentives to keep going.

4. Reward yourself

No one understands how tough a new resolution is except you. Take some time and reward yourself for not giving up. I don't recommend eating a whole cake as a reward but go see a movie instead of hitting the gym, you deserve it!

Always remember to take some time for yourself, your health should always be your first concern before trying something new. Talk to your doctor before doing anything drastic this year.

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