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Keeping your loved one safe

Extreme weather can be dangerous for everyone. We have all taken those extra steps to keep the weather from stopping us. But don't let it you make forget about your loved one back home. Taking the extra steps to make sure they're safe during the winter will give you the piece of mind knowing they're OK. Try doing one of the following this winter.

Shoving snow

Shoveling snow can help prevent someone from slipping and injuring themselves. Even if your loved one doesn't need to shovel their sidewalks reaching out to someone else can have an even bigger impact. Often times people don't have family that lives nearby. Helping them shows that they aren't forgot. Simply giving them a bag of dry ice or materials can help them over the winter. Check around your local neighborhood for people who need help.


Have any unneeded clothes or items lying around? Donating them can give someone less fortunate the feeling of warmth and comfort. Giving a blanket that you don't use anymore can brighten someones day.

Check on them

Take time out of your day and check up on your loved one. Whether it's by phone or in person, they'll appreciate it and you'll be able to relax knowing they're safe. Often times they are alone with no one to speak to and the weather permits them from going outside.

Just remember to have fun this season and take every chance you get to make it special!

Happy Holidays from everyone here at Home Sweet Home!

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