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Here are some FAQs

* May I see a sample service agreement?

Yes. When you schedule an in home assessment with us, you will be given a copy of our service agreement to review. You may take as much time to review the information and ask questions as you need. You may also receive an information packet with a FREE GIFT, by mail if you choose, with a promise not to call you unless you would like us to follow up.

* Do your workers receive training?

Yes.  When it comes to personal care, most of our caregivers carry a C.N.A. license. We do offer work to non-certified personal care attendants with one year verifiable experience who pass our competency exam. Each non-certified attendant with experience will also be trained and proved to be competent by one of our standing C.N.A. trainers.

* How do you supervise and oversee your employees?
Our employees keep accountability through our online tracking system. They must clock in and out of your home through your telephone and give an account to all tasks performed.  You, the client, have access to view the tasks completed daily through our 24 hour family portal.  We also have frequent contact with our clients through direct feedback and schedule on site observations.


* Are your employees bonded?

No. Instead, our employees are fully covered under general and professional liability insurance provided through our insurance company. Our coverage does include theft and damage so you can know your possessions are protected.

* What kind of weekly (or daily) report can I receive?
You can be granted access to our online family portal where you may view calendars, see invoices and care notes as your services progress EVERY DAY. This service especially benefits personal care clients.  An invoice can also be sent by mail to the appropriate place for payment. With the family portal (available at no cost to you) you will also be able to access records of care from any device with internet access. Additionally, you and other family members can use a shared calendar to coordinate between yourselves and track visits scheduled by your homecare service attendants. A description of this free service is included in the information packet we will mail to you.

* Do you run background checks on your employees?

Absolutely, yes!  No one comes into your home without first receiving a criminal background check and child abuse clearance and drug screen.  We also make sure your family stays healthy by giving all our employees a TB screen test.  


* Are you licensed in the state of Pennsylvania?

Yes.  We are a licensed homecare agency in Pennsylvania.  Our license is reviewed annually and we must pass all requirements to be deemed a competent agency in giving personal care and housekeeping services in the privacy of your own home.  Our PA homecare license number is 18393601.

To answer more of your questions, contact us at 717-361-2455.  We will give you no-hassle answers to all your questions. 

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